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How to Create A Mental Safe/Secure Place

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

In times that feel uncertain, creating a safe/secure place in our minds can help

bring about a sense of peace. Designing a safe place takes effort, but then the

place created can be easily accessed when needed. This is also an activity you

can do with children. Follow these steps to create yours:

  • Think about a place you would love to go. It can be a place that you have been before or a place completely made up in your imagination.

    • In this place, what can you see?

    • In this place, what can you touch? When you touch these things, are they hot or cold, rough or smooth?

    • In this place what can you hear?

    • In this place, what can you taste and/or smell?

    • How do you feel when you are in this place? Notice this feeling, Is there anything you would like to add or take away from this place to make it even more comfortable?

  • Once you have a good image of the place developed, you can enhance it by drawing a picture or writing a brief description about the place. Give the place a key word too so that in the future just merely bringing up the key word can bring about images and feelings from your safe place.

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