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Relationship Concerns

Relationships can be one of the most meaningful parts of our very existence, and yet a platform for damaging experiences to occur. 

Relationships that can benefit from therapy include:


  • Family members struggling with addiction in the family system 

  • Couples considering engagement or marriage (click here to learn about PREPARE/ENRICH)

  • Couples contemplating separation or divorce

  • Couples needing to heal from past hurt

  • Co-workers experiencing conflict

  • Family members struggling with addiction in the family system

  • Family members struggling with grief, loss or major life transitions 

  • Family members having difficulty with a member fighting a chronic illness

  • Individuals struggling with family of origin

  • Individuals struggling with past abuse or neglect from a caregiver

  • Individuals struggling with past abuse or neglect from a partner 

  • Parents needing to develop better communication and connection with child/teen 

  • Roommates having conflict

  • Individuals needing to develop healthier boundaries with certain family members 

If you are struggling in a relationship with someone you care about, therapy can be an opportunity to heal from past hurt and or abuse, develop stronger communication skills, enhance assertiveness, and create and maintain boundaries with others. 


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