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Intimacy Concerns

Are you struggling with feeling truly connected to another? Is it difficult to be close or share your deepest self including your thoughts, desires and experiences with someone else? Intimacy can be scary, especially when past hurt has happened either from within the relationship or from past negative experiences. Therapy can help an individual have a safe place to express desires for intimacy and where the blocks in being able to truly be intimate come from.  


The interpersonal relationship of client and therapist is a fantastic place to explore this in a way that offers exposure and vulnerability in a safe "practice" environment that can later be utilized in the "real" world.  Forming trust, positive regard, and value in the therapeutic relationship can affect and enhance other relationships. 

When it comes to issues with intimacy, therapy can take place with just the individual or with the individual and partner depending on what treatment plan is decided will be most effective.  

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