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E  m  i  l  y   C  h  i  l  d  r  e  s  s,   L  M  F  T

Licensed Marital and Family Therapist

EMDRIA Certified Therapist

Specializing in trauma, anxiety,

phobias & relationship concerns

Mental health therapy for individuals, couples, and families.
Offering in person and Telehealth counseling in Holly Springs, North Carolina
as well as Telehealth counseling for Iowa and Missouri 


A Note to Future Clients

Hello. My name is Emily, and I am glad you are                                         here. Seeking out

                                   therapy isn't easy.

                                   Reaching out, trusting

                                   someone new, and

                                   having to put into words

                                   your unique situation

                                   all takes bravery.

                                   The beauty of a 

therapeutic experience is that it doesn't

happen alone. A therapist joins your journey

and listens in as you piece your story together. A therapist is separate from friends and family

and offers a listening ear that remains

empathetic, curious, non-judgmental,

and objective.

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Therapy Services Offered

Therapy services include assisting individuals, couples and families in learning how to manage and heal from:

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